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Reiki Shares

A Reiki Share, sometimes known as a Reiki Circle, is a gathering where Reiki practitioners come together to practice Reiki in a group setting. The primary purpose is to give and receive Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, honor, positive energy, and devotion. It's also an opportunity for practitioners to benefit from receiving Reiki energy themselves.

Reiki Share 

Whether you're a seasoned Reiki practitioner or curious about the healing powers of Reiki for the first time, this event promises an enriching environment to explore, learn, and grow. 

Our Reiki Share Experience begins with the grounding 10/10/10 practice, designed to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Here's what to expect:


- 10 minutes of box breathing to a metronome beat**: This breathing technique is an exceptional tool to calm the nervous system and prepare your inner self for a deep spiritual journey. The rhythmic sound of the metronome adds a layer of focus and mindfulness, enhancing your ability to present in the moment.


- 10 minutes of eye gazing**: A practice of silent communication and connection, eye gazing helps break down barriers between individuals, fostering a sense of unity and empathy. This profound exercise is known to deepen connections and create an environment of trust and openness.


- 10 minutes of chanting OM**: Completing the initial segment with chanting OM allows us to vibrate together in unison, promoting healing, relaxation, and a deeper connection to the universe. The vibrations help to align your energy and set a powerful intention for the Reiki practice to follow.


Reflection and Reiki Exchange:

Following the reflective practices, you will have the incredible opportunity to engage in the heart of our event - giving and receiving Reiki. Whether you are channeling or receiving energy, this segment offers profound moments of healing, relaxation, and spiritual insight. Participants will take turns on the Reiki table, ensuring everyone receives the warmth and healing benefits of Reiki energy.




**Location:** Join us in this spiritual sanctuary at 9745 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345.


**Participation Cost:** A meaningful contribution of $25 ensures your spot for an afternoon filled with spiritual growth and communal healing.


**What to Bring:**


To ensure you have the most fulfilling experience, please consider bringing the following:


- Comfortable clothing to facilitate relaxation and ease of movement.


- A water bottle to stay hydrated.


- A personal journal or notepad for any reflections or insights you wish to jot down.


- An open heart and mind, ready to give and receive healing energy.



Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded souls, eager to explore the depths of Reiki healing together. Let's share, learn, and grow in this journey of healing and spiritual discovery. See you there!

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