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Sacred Chants and Reiki

Join our Empowerment Circle for a transformative experience focused on self-care and spiritual empowerment. Reconnect through breathwork, sacred chanting, meditation & hands on Reiki healing. A serene gathering to enhance personal power.

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Sacred Chants and Reiki

Join us for an uplifting evening designed to foster connection, tranquility, and personal empowerment. Our Sacred Chants and Reiki experience offers you a sanctuary to soothe your senses, engage in self-care practices, and cultivate a deeper connection with your inner strength. Through a blend of breathwork, sacred chanting & Reiki, this event promises a transformative experience, nurturing your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're seeking a moment of peace or eager to enhance your sense of self-care, this gathering is your gateway to rejuvenation. Embrace this chance to reconnect with your personal power in a supportive community. 

**Event Cost**: $10

Embark on this journey of empowerment and tranquility with us. Let's awaken our inner strength together!

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