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Meet our Practitioners

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Thaddeus Ferguson of is a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Facilitator who helps others find inner peace and heal their physical ailments. The man has dedicated his entire life to enlightening people about the power of spirituality - one that he discovered early on in his own spiritual awakening. Through yoga and meditation classes, he was able to find deeper meaning about this invisible force that affects every aspect of our lives without us even realizing it was there. One can say that Thaddeus is a true seeker of enlightenment; someone who teaches people how they too can find balance while simultaneously learning from them every day.


Katie is a compassionate and empowering Reiki Master, coach, and teacher. Since childhood, she has been curious about unconventional healing techniques, driven by her thirst for knowledge and self-improvement. As a skilled Reiki practitioner, she channels her healing energy to promote balance and well-being among her clients. Katie's intuitive abilities enable her to connect with her clients' energy, guiding them towards their inner truth and unlocking their potential. With her passion for helping women on their journey towards self-discovery, Katie provides an inclusive and supportive space where women can safely explore and embrace their personal growth. Katie is dedicated to promoting the transformative power of alternative healing methods and has seen firsthand the positive impact it has on one's mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Through her compassionate guidance, Katie invites her clients to step into their full potential, living a life full of harmony, balance, and purpose.

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